Champex - the ultimate detox mushroom extract used to reduce bad breath and other body odour   
Champex - the cure for mouth and body odour

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Benefits of Champex for
Mouth Odours
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Improvement of Faeces
Intestinal Conditions
Increase of Bifidobacteria
Inhibitation of H.pylori
Hyperuricemia and Gout
Suppression of Allergies

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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Mushroom extract used to reduce mouth and body odour

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Faecal Quality
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Champex Properties

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Effects of Champex, as proven by In-Vitro and In-Vivo tests

Section Six - Champex™


A brown powder with a distinctive odour and an acidic taste.

Remains stable for 3 years when stored at an ambient temperature in a tightly sealed container. As it is a natural product, precipitates may occur but there will be no change in the deodorizing effect whether filtrated or not.

Light stability
Its color may darken slightly after exposure to light but the change is not significant.

1 Water
(1)Solubility in water would be accelerated when the water temperature is high.
(2)CHAMPEX is easily soluble when added to solvent.
(3)CHAMPEX dissolves easily when intensely stirred.

2 How to increase CHAMPEX solubility
(1)Dissolve CHAMPEX in a solvent with raised temperature.
(2)Add CHAMPEX into a solvent little by little.
(3)Mix CHAMPEX with other powder (sugar, Amino acid, etc) before dissolving it in the solvent.

3 Solubility in oil and mixing rate
(1)CHAMPEX is not soluble in oil.
(2)The standard percentage to add CHAMPEX into the oil in soft capsule is about 30%

The physical pressure does not change the composition of Champex

Mixing compatibility
(Sugar) Maillard reaction may be observed but it is insignificant.
(Taste/flavor) It is compatible with natural fruit juices such as apple, plum, peach and orange or carbonated water. It is compatible with all vitamins.
*Basically there are no problems when mixed with any foodstuff. If mixed directly with odour-causing foods such as garlic, leeks or onion, however, its deodorizing properties may be affected.

Thermal resistance
No change in deodorizing properties in 5-minute boiling tests at 120º C, 150º C and 180º C.

Acid resistance
No change in deodorizing property in a strong acid condition.

Alkali resistance
No change in deodorizing property at up to pH 10.

Batch stability
Assay results with 30 batches indicate that no discrepancy was noted between specifications and actual measured values.


The raw material for Champex, the mushroom, has enjoyed a long and rich association with food cultures and cuisines throughout the world over the centuries. Given that mushrooms are consumed worldwide, there should be no doubt as to their safety as a daily food. Champex is a functional food made from the extract of a particular variety of mushroom. Its safety has been confirmed and proven through the results of oral acute toxicity, oral subacute and reverse mutation tests conducted by official organizations.

Test material:
Champex (Champex Basic, Batch RM 9H25)

1. Oral acute toxicity in the rat (April, 1990)
Test animal : SPF rat of SD family
Results : LD50 Value: More than 50,185 mg/kg
(Equivalent to 3 liters for a 60kg person)

2. Oral subacute toxicity in the rat (Dec,1989)
Test animal : SPF rat of SD family
Results : Maximum no effect level: 5,019 mg/kg
(Equivalent to 300 ml for a 60 kg person)
Effect level: 20,074 mg/kg
(Equivalent to 1.2 liter for a 60 kg person)
3. Reverse mutation tests (December, 1989)
Test organisms : Salmonella typhimurium
TA1535, TA1537, TA98 and TA100, Escherichia coli Wp2uvrA Results : No mutagenicity was observed at the maximum test concentration of 5,000 mcg/plate


Jars of Champex

Champex BX100FPD-S is available to order in quantities from 1 kilo upwards.

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