Champex - the ultimate detox mushroom extract used to reduce bad breath and other body odour   
Champex - the cure for mouth and body odour

The Origin of Champex
Effectiveness of Champex
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Benefits of Champex for
Mouth Odours
Faecal Odours
Improvement of Faeces
Intestinal Conditions
Increase of Bifidobacteria
Inhibitation of H.pylori
Hyperuricemia and Gout
Suppression of Allergies

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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Mushroom extract used to reduce mouth and body odour

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The Function Of Champex™ - Causes Of Unpleasant Odours

Foul Breath, Body Odours, Faecal Odours Reduce mouth odours Cure Bad Breath Mechanism of odour generation and deodourization Reduce faecal odours

Foul Breath

There are two major causes of mouth odours.
One is decaying food debris between the teeth, on the mucous membrane or in the oesophagus. This type (odours in the mouth cavity) is generated as time elapses.
Another is the foul odour that is absorbed from the intestinal tract into the blood, then breathed out from the lungs as foul breath.
In other words, foul mouth odours are a mixture of odours from the mouth and intestines.

Body Odours

These odours are composed of putrid intestinal chemicals that are absorbed into the blood and excreted through the sweat glands.

Faecal Odours

More than 100 trillion bacteria exist in the intestines. They create foul-smelling chemicals by decomposing the proteins and fats in ingested foods.
Major representative putrefacation bacteria are Welch bacillus and Escerichia coli, which create such foul-smelling chemicals as ammonia, indoles, skatoles, triptamine, mercaptan, hydrogen sulphide, and amines. Faecal odours originate from the rotten odours caused by such putrid chemicals.

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