Champex - the ultimate detox mushroom extract used to reduce bad breath and other body odour   
Champex - the cure for mouth and body odour

The Origin of Champex
Effectiveness of Champex
Composition of Champex
Odours and Champex

Benefits of Champex for
Mouth Odours
Faecal Odours
Improvement of Faeces
Intestinal Conditions
Increase of Bifidobacteria
Inhibitation of H.pylori
Hyperuricemia and Gout
Suppression of Allergies

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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Mushroom extract used to reduce mouth and body odour

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Mechanism of odour generation and deodourization

Foul odours, such as those generated by ammonia, sulphides, indoles and skatoles are generated in the intestines with the ingestion of food. Although the majority of odouriferous substances are excreted in the faeces, they are partially absorbed from the intestines and transferred to the blood. Components of foul odours that enter the blood are excreted from the lungs and perspiratory glands as foul breath or body odours. They may also induce rough skin or skin eruptions.

Amino Acids contained in Champex neutralize unpleasant odours caused by ammonia and amines that are generated in the colon.
Polyphenols and flavanoid components bond to the mercaptans and amines to form odourless chemicals.
Polysaccharide components control foul odours in a variety of chemical structures.

The ingestion of Champex increases the Bifidobacteria population, improving the condition of the bowels and inhibiting the production of unpleasant odour-causing chemicals.

The results of diverse studies make it clear that several Champex components work in tandem to create a multiplier effect in neutralizing foul or offensive odours.

Mechanism of odour generation and deodourization
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