Champex - the ultimate detox mushroom extract used to reduce bad breath and other body odour   
Champex - the cure for mouth and body odour

The Origin of Champex
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Benefits of Champex for
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Improvement of Faeces
Intestinal Conditions
Increase of Bifidobacteria
Inhibitation of H.pylori
Hyperuricemia and Gout
Suppression of Allergies

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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Mushroom extract used to reduce mouth and body odour

Champex Tests

Faecal Quality
Renal Failure
Champex Properties

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Effects of Champex, as proven by In-Vitro and In-Vivo tests

Section Two - Improvement of Evacuation and Faecal Quality.

2-1 - Effect on the evacuation and faecal quality

Outline of Tests
Champex was orally administered, at a daily dose equivalent to 500mg, to aged inpatients who had been hospitalized for a prolonged period. Prior to administration, all patients suffered from watery to loose feces, but the feces quality improved considerably to well-shaped or even normal by 30 days after administration began.

Test site: Tsuchizaki Hospital in Akita- city, Japan

Patient (Age)M.M (89)K.K (66)M.S (81)S.H (85)H.Y (82)I.K (81)
Before AdministrationLooseLooseWatery to looseLooseWatery to looseWatery to loose
10 days afterLooseLooseLooseShapedLooseLoose
20 days afterShapedLoose to shapedShapedShapedLoose to shapedLoose
30 days afterShapedShaped to normalShaped to normalLoose to shapedLoose to shapedLoose to shaped

2-2 Effect on the Improvement of Gastro-Intestinal Condition

Outline of Tests
The table shows the results of a 30-day oral administration of Champex, at a daily dose of 500mg, to aged inpatients hospitalized over a prolonged period. Thirty days after administration began, an increase in appetite in 4 out of 6 patients and other improved effects were confirmed in examinations carried out by interview.

Test site: Tsuchizaki Hospital in Akita- city, Japan

Patient (Age)M.M (89)K.K (66)M.S (81)S.H (85)H.Y (82)I.K (81)
Before AdministrationNo particular effectNo particular effectNo particular effectNo particular effectNo particular effectNo particular effect
10 days afterNo particular effectNo particular effectNo particular effectSlightly betterNo particular effectNo particular effect
20 days afterNo particular effectNo particular effectSlightly betterBetterNo particular effectSlightly better
30 days afterNo particular effectNo particular effectBetterBetterSlightly betterBetter

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