Champex - the ultimate detox mushroom extract used to reduce bad breath and other body odour   
Champex - the cure for mouth and body odour

The Origin of Champex
Effectiveness of Champex
Composition of Champex
Odours and Champex

Benefits of Champex for
Mouth Odours
Faecal Odours
Improvement of Faeces
Intestinal Conditions
Increase of Bifidobacteria
Inhibitation of H.pylori
Hyperuricemia and Gout
Suppression of Allergies

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Odour Function Overview

Recommended Dosages

Technical Tests

Finished Products


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Mushroom extract used to reduce mouth and body odour

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Welcome to the Champex™ Website!

Champex is an edible, odour-reducing substance extracted from the mushroom, Agaricus Bisporus.

Champex stops foul breath and body odours at their source - in the intestines.

A portion of the foods we ingest is decomposed and converted by intestinal bacteria into toxic chemicals such as ammonia, mercapatan, indoles and hydrogen sulphide. All of which produce strong, offensive odours. Some of these products are absorbed, through the intestinal walls, into the blood and circulate through the entire body. The chemicals are then discharged as foul breath or body odours.

Champex attacks foul breath and body odours where they originate, supporting and maintaining a clean condition within the intestines by suppressing the generation of toxic chemicals.

There are also a number of other possible health benefits of Champex.
Please peruse the various sections of the website for more information, and feel free to Contact us for any further information.

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We do not make any specific medical claims about the ability of Champex™ in terms of relieving, or curing any medical conditions or diseases.
studies confirm the effectiveness of Champex in reducing body and mouth odours

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